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How To
Currently, there are approximately 2.1 billion internet users worldwide and it can be assumed that a large percentage of them are using filesharing. A lot of users, however, are having difficulties with the installation and configuration of software and the bigger part is unsure about the legality of P2P applications. Software like Kazaa, eDonkey and Emule have confused millions of users without providing developer-side professional support.

The Alternative

Usenet is a suitable alternative to regular sharing communities. It is, in fact, older than the world wide web, however has been reserved to computer professionals due to it’s complicated handling and lack of simple user interface.

Firstload makes it happen

Firstload has risen to this challenge by developing a piece of software which enables even unexperienced users to easily browse usenet. Should, however, any questions arise, our competent and friendly support team is always ready to help.

The advantages are quite obvious: Firstload users have access to over 1.5 petabyte of data (films, music, games and erotic) and millions of newsgroups. All of this with unlimited speed from day and without complicated setup.

Usenet, economic miracle

Firstload has an enormous target audience available, one which has only partially unlocked commercially so far. Existing Usenet providers have restricted their audiences to the above mentioned computer professionals. Firstload, however, is trying to provide Usenet access to the widely spread computer newbies, as they, in particular, require a clearly arranged user interface and professional support and are at the same time willing to pay for those things. High-click-rate ad media and appealing layouts provide a high closing rate as well. Naturally, registration as an affiliate is free of charge and without turnover obligation.

Your Profit

For one, free of charge, 14-day trial registration you will receive € 20. No reversal, so regardless if the customer terminates or prolongs his contract, you will be paid out.

Also, don’t worry if you don’t have an own website but are well connected to other webmasters; You will receive 10 % of recruited member’s profits without having to do anything yourself.

Concluding, we could tell you even more about how successful some of our affiliates are, but this point is more easily made if you simply test our program yourself.

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