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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the Firstload Affiliate Program cost?
Registration and participation are completely free of charge and without obligation. There are no fees of any nature whatsoever.

How much can I earn?
We will transfer an amount of € 20 for every canvassed customer to your bank account, payout takes place on the 16th of every month.

Can I book advertisement in my name and thus promote your affiliate program?
This is by all means possible and we would be glad if you do so. However, please contact us in advance in case you would like to run Google Adwords.

Can I use multiple banners and links on my websites?
Naturally, you may use as many as you’d like. Simply choose the desired ad media in our member’s area and implement them on your site.

Can I promote multiple sponsors on my websites?
Yes, as many as you’d like.

Will every profit that my link generates result in commission?
Yes, every customer who follows your link will get a cookie to ensure that you get your commission, even if her signs up a few days later.

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